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Optimized Ripping

CCM can gang rip your lumber to get the best yield. You will receive a printout of your materials yield, footage and number of pieces.

The Process

Here and CCM, we pride ourselves on our abilities to rip any board to the size our customers desire. How exactly does that work?

Here at CCM we use a state of the art rip saw. Our rip saw scans the board using ultrasonic sound waves, which allows it to know the width of the board. Once it knows the width of the board it in turn will know and the different sizes you want to be ripped. Using this information, the saw can optomize the best yield for the board.

Once this process is complete CCM will provide a print out which shows the customer the amount of material they brought in, the desired sizes they wanted ripped, the footage they received, and the rip yield they recieved.