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About CCM

How It Started and How It Grew

Although now a bustling business, CCM started with humble beginnings. It started in 1979 in the family garage as a way to make some extra money. From there it grew and was passed down from father to son. Over those years CCM grew into a larger and grander dream. That dream has grown into a successful family business that stands proud today.

Originallhy, CCM only offered service to local lumber yards. However, this grew as mouldings started to be offered and have become a staple of the the business. Now CCM is proud to not only offer services and sales to Oklahoma and the surrounding region, but now through internet sales CCM offers services and sales nation wide.

Since 1979, CCM has grown from a one-man business to a full scale mill that offers stock mouldings, custom mouldings, sufacing, sanding, resawing, ripping, gang ripping, precision end trimming, and lineal optimization.